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Little Shop of Horrors (1986)  — Director’s Cut.

[…] Although [Howard Ashman] intended it to be endearing, he also intended it to be funny and not to be taken at face value. But when the plant ate our two lead characters, the early audiences responded with upset and anger. They’d come to care for Seymour and Audrey and wanted them to survive. But if our two lead characters were to live, it means the plant would have to die. In a phone call that I dreaded making, I had to tell Richard Conway that his masterful handmade special effects work in the final scenes had to be completely cut from the movie. It was a painful decision for all of us. For Richard and his talented team who has worked on it for almost a year, it was devastating. I then had to return to London with the main cast and crew to shoot a new ending in which Seymour kills the plant and he and Audrey live happily ever after. And the color footage and storyline of the extraordinary ending with the plant taking over the world would be lost forever. So we thought.                                                                                                                                                    - Frank Oz

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